Longrich Classy Style Energy Cup (24cm)

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Longrich Classy Style Energy Cup (24cm)

Our cup can effectively enhance the function of zinc ions in the water, and when you drink plenty of water you can achieve the purposes of zinc.

Chlorine is a strong oxidant that will destroy the oral mucosa. After boiling water, the chloroform which is formed is a strong carcinogen. The energy cup can effectively degrade residual chlorine in water, reducing injury from chlorine toxicity on the human body.

Small molecules
Ordinary drinking water molecules are not easily absorbed; the energy cup provides good solubility of small molecules of water through carbonization and electronic transfer technology to filter the water.

Weakly alkaline
Acid in body is the source of sickness; drinking alkaline water directly and effectively changes the constitution. The energy cup can regulate the PH value of water to alkaline. This will effectively neutralize excess body acidity.

Negative charge
The energy cup’s unique negative potential technology can eliminate excess free radicals, resulting in anti-oxidation and anti-aging effects.

Magnetic activation
High-rise buildings provide the urban population with magnetic shortage problems. The energy cup’s magnetic water activation treatment will enhance bio-magnetic field effects, and activate the energy of human body cells.

The energy cup has a unique formula, it will replenish minerals and trace elements according to the most suitable proportion for your body, and cause an ionic state for the body to absorb.

Did you know?
1. The normal body is composed of approximately 60 to 70% water. The major organs in our body like, brain, heart lungs, kidneys, are mainly water.
2. Everyday we use up water in our body to survive, depending on every individual.
3. Generally, a human needs an average of about 2 to 3 litres of water per day.

What happens in our body when we don’t drink enough water?
1. Insufficient body water can make us feel dehydrated, sick, fatigue and exhausted.
2. When we loose more water, the blood becomes more concentrated which tends to increase heart rate and makes our body acidic. Too much acidity can damage cells in our body.

If our body is alkalinized, our body and organs will function well and we will not get sick and will prevent chronic diseases due to organ malfunctions.

Why many people can’t drink enough water?
1. Many people have a bad habit of drinking sweet drinks, sodas, which is not what our body needs.

Have you heard of “Pi Cup” which converts tap water to alkaline water? Yes, you heard it right a cup/tumbler which produce alkaline water which passed the standards of a healthy drinking water. Well, here are the things you need to know about this “Pi Cup”


  • Contain vitamin A, C, E etc.
  • Nutritional moisturizing factor
  • Gives the hand and skin moisture
  • Repairs dark heavy skin
  • Makes skin fresh, soft, smooth and elastic


1) It is normal if you can hear the sound when an empty mug is being shaken as it is designed to acquire a better efficacy by enlarging the specific contact area between the crystals and water.

2) Before using the water container for the first time, rinse and shake the cup repeatedly for up to 6 times with warm water to activate the filter. Repeat the above action until the water is clear.

3) Please pour the 50°C warm water or pure water into the cup for 1-3 minutes before drinking. And please make sure the cup is covered with the upper filter.

4) It is normal that the water will become slightly murky after prolong use, after a period of 4-6 months. If such a condition should occur, it is suggested to reactivate the mug with white vinegar and water by soaking it for at least half an hour and then dry it under bright sunlight to reactivate the energy molecules in the filtering crystal.

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