Longrich Classy Style Energy Pot

Size: 24cm
Sale price£285.00


The Energy Pot is able to keep the freshness of the food at its highest level, to maintain the real flavours, and to enhance the overall taste of the food. This product regulates the amount of heat energy that enters the pot when cooking thereby retaining up to 85% of the food nutritional value after cooking i.e vegetables retain its real colour and taste. It preserves food nutrients and energy brought into the pot. Soup cooked in the pot is clear, taste fresh and the bottom of the pot does not paste. The real flavour of the food is maintained and energy is also brought into the pot. Fruits kept in the pot remains fresh and healthy after days. Food cooked in the energizing pot is fresh and tender after a long time, it preserves your soup upon 24hrs without warning it, it gives you that nutrient you required from your food.

The components of this pot includes titanium element, which has a lot of health benefits as compared to using stainless steel or aluminium pots, which has been confirmed has the propensity of producing cancer elements over time.
• Water boiled with the energy pot helps to lower high blood
pressure and in the regulation of cholesterol.
• Water from this pot also helps to clear pimples and acne
• Food cooked in this pot remains fresh after a long time,
especially vegetables.

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