Xiaomi Fengmi Wemax One English Interface Laser Projector TV 5500 lumen 150 Inche 1080 Full HD 4K Support Bluetooth BT DOLBY DTS

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Model FENGMI: FMWSO1C Basic Information Product Type: Ultra short focal length home projector Product size: 410mm*291mm*88mm Product weight: 6.9KG Product color: space gray Optical parameter Display Technology: 0.47''DMD Standard resolution: Full HD (1080p) Brightness: 1688m @100%CLO(RGB) Uniform brightness value: >80% Color gamut: NTSC>80% Center contrast: 3000:1 Projection parameter Transmittance (TR): 0.233 System parameters CPU: T968 Cortex-A53 4 core 1.8GHz/64 bit GPU: Mail-T830 MP2 RAM: 2GB DDR3 Built-in storage: 16GB eMMC System functions Operating System: MIUI TI WIFI: Dual Band 2.4/5GHz Dynamic image: HDR support Lens focus: motor focus Dust cover: glass dust cover Image support: 3D sound Audio: Dolby Speaker Speaker: Full Frequency*2+High Frequency*2 (~30w) Port Backend interface: Ethernet port*1, S/PDF*1 (optical fiber) Audio out *1 AV 3.5*1, USB 3.0*1 HDMI 2.0/ARC*1, HDMI 2.0*2 Side interface: USB 2.0*1 Certification: Domestic and foreign certification: DOLBY, DTS, HDMI, SRRC, BQB, CCC


What inside of box

1* FENGMI Laser TV 1*Power line 1*Re mote control l 2*Remote control battery 1*Wiping cloth

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