Three-Piece Set Of Single Bed Sheets In Student Dormitory

Color: Nordicfairytale
Size: Applicablebedsize12meter
Sale price£50.80


Product category: suit

Material: Polyester (polyester fiber) polyester
Fabric: Raschel
Pattern: flower and bird
Style: simple
Number of pieces: 4 pieces
Color classification: milky white
Nordic fairy tale, Japanese girl, Bunny girl, Love Mengsha, Roman culture, Strawberry Doll, Carrot Sister, California Zone, K-Tide School, Happy Bear, Hope, Lost, Summer Mocha, Puppy Bear, Happy Friends, Backpack Bear, Childhood, Cloud Bunny
Bedding craft: patch embroidery
Fabric count: 80
Fabric density: 173X118
Printing process: digital printing
Weaving process: plain weave
Style: sheet type
Applicable people: the public
Quilt material: polyester (polyester fiber) pin
Function: Cool feeling

Applicable age: youth (18-40 years old)
Applicable scene: Home

Size information:
Applicable bed size: 1.2 meters
Three-piece suit [does not fade, no ball]
1.5m four-piece suit [does not fade, no ball]
1.8m four-piece suit [does not fade, no ball]
2.0m four-piece suit [does not fade, no ball]

Packing x1:
Three-piece bedding set

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